Ventilation Ducting

Fire protection is an essential aspect of building safety as fires spread quickly through a building and pose a significant risk to occupants lives.

In accordance with Approved Document B Volume 2 (2019 edition incorporating 2020/22 amendments), combustible materials have been banned in and on the external walls of buildings in the following instances;

• Residential Buildings over 11m (England & Wales)
• Recreational & Assembly Buildings over 18m
• Buildings over 11m (Scotland)
• Any buildings undergoing unsafe cladding remediation work

Where residential apartment buildings fall within these criteria, non-combustible ducting is required to prevent the spread of fire through ventilation systems where the ventilation ductwork terminates through the building façade.

A1 Non Combustible Ductwork

Residential Applications

For residential ventilation systems such as MVHR that have terminations running out to the building facade, A1 rated ductwork will be required (based on building type).

The A1 non combustible ductwork is directly connected to standard PVC or metal ducting (e.g. 220 x 90mm) at the slab level, through the cavity wall, and then dropped to meet the desired termination position on the facade wall.  

Pinnacle offer made to order ResiDUCT™ A1 ductwork that meets the specification requirements of Approved Document B and BS EN 13501w+ A1:2018

*all drawings/images show are based on client supplied drawings and specifications

ResiDUCT™ A1 Product DataSheet
A1 Non Combustible Ductwork

A1 Rated Ductwork

The fire resistance classification criteria for construction products is detailed in BS EN 13501w+ A1:2018 and includes a list of products (European Commission 96/603/EC) which, under specified conditions, can be considered to be class A1 without testing.

Galvanized steel achieves a fire class A1 rating without the need for testing. This material maintains its strength at elevated temperatures, (melting point range of 1450-1520°C). Classified as A1, it is defined as non-combustible. 

Pinnacle's A1 Rated Non-Combustible ducting is manufactured from 0.9mm hot dipped galvanised mild steel and is sufficient to provide A1 classification for the purposes of ductwork terminating through the façade of the building.

Made to Order Duct

Like all HVAC ducting, all A1 non combustible components are made to order based on drawings provided for the project.

Send us your drawings and we can discuss the project in more detail.  We have supplied many large scale residential projects in London with standard and A1 ResiDUCT™.

A1 Fire Rated Airbrick

A1 Fire Rated classification Airbricks are used in conjunction with A1 non-combustible ducting for residential ventilation systems (MVHR) terminations.
Pinnacle Ductwort are an approved re-seller of the market leading Domus Solis A1-rated airbrick , offering a full A1 duct/termination solution for your requirements.