Ideal for MVHR systems with high airflow rates due to overheating

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ResiDUCT - An innovative ducting solution

ResiDUCT™  is designed to meet the increasing market demand for superior airflow performance and energy efficiency in residential homes.

The ducting offers a simple solution for MVHR systems where higher ventilation rates are required due to overheating and air quality planning conditions.

With a low profile design and larger cross sections area, ResiDUCT™ provides increased flow rates whilst retaining suitable dimensions for residential applications. Innovative and unique design features allow signifcant improvements in installed performance and energy efficiency.

ResiDUCT™ Product DataSheet
ResiDUCT - An innovative ducting solution

Approved Document O: Overheating

Increased Ventilation Rates = Larger Ductwork 

The control of overheating is detailed in Building Regulations (England & Wales) and the key requirements include;
• Design for comfort

• Limit solar gain
Provide adequate ventilation
• Meet performance standards

Where the risk of overheating is identified, and a condition of planning, ventilation airflow rates are increased. 

This can result in bigger and more powerful units (e.g. MVHR/purge rates) being required and therfore larger diameter ductwork to accomdate higher airflow requirements. 

In practice however, it is not simple or cost-effective to just ‘increase the duct size’ due to ceiling void sizing in residential developments and running noise concerns

ResiDUCT™ A1

A1 Non Combustible Ducting

ResiDUCT™ is also available to meet A1 Non Combustible Classification where ducting is required to meet fire resitance classification criteria in residential applications.

All non-combustible ducting is made to order and made to measure based on client supplied drawings. 

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ResiDUCT™ A1

ResiDUCT™- Made to Order