As sheet metal specialists we pride ourselves on our high-quality work and ability to design bespoke solution for our clients. HVAC ducting systems (rectangular, circular, flat and oval) and kitchen canopies are core to our fabrication services, but they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes and are installed in a wide range of applications.

Outside ducting systems and kitchen canopies, the list of bespoke projects and products we are worked on over the last 25 years is endless.  Here we share with you 5 of the recent projects we have been working on;

Project Spotlight

Complete ducting systems and ancillaries

Design & Fabrication

Portable Centres offer a range of compact and easy to set up repair centres including body repairs, glass, tyres and MOT’s for high footfall areas such as supermarkets, retail parks and airports for same day automotive repairs.

We worked with Portable centres to design the ducting systems required for the range of portable centres, each with varying requirements depending on the levels of air handling/ventilation required.

We fabricated all of the ducting and ancillary items such as filter housing and shelving across the range of different portable centre designs.

Design & Fabrication

Large scale replacement ductwork for air handling unit

The air handling system as at large London based theatre was being replaced – we fabricated this large scale new galvanised ducting system to complete the new system

Design & Fabrication

Bespoke Acoustic Casing

We were called to design a specific acoustic casing/surround for a generator/plant room that was located externally but in close proximity to working offices.  We designed this casing that was made in parts and simply put together on-site.

Design & Fabrication

Designer Kitchen Canopy

We have a lot of experience in the design of kitchen canopies and ducting systems for restaurants – here is a large scale project which incorporated a brand new kitchen canopy and ventilation ducting system design for a London based restaurant and take-away shop with a discreet aesthetic detail

Design & Fabrication

Heat Recovery Ventilation Plenum

Not all duct paths are easy to install due to other service clashes and construction types.  Here we had to design and fabricate a special plenum that would allow the air path for the heat recovery ventilation system to have the lowest resistance and ensure good performance in the homes. We designed and fabricated over 500 of these plenums  for a large new build apartment development in London.

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