The Kingspan KoolDuct System is a premium performance pre insulated ducting  system suitable for HVAC applications

It’s manufactured using rigid, high performance phenolic insulation panels instead of galvanised sheet metal . 

This means it is a stand-along ductwork system which does not require any further insulation on-site  – space saving and cost saving!



Pinnacle Ductwork are a Kingspan Delivery Partner for the KoolDuct pre insulated ducting system.  We offer a full service for your project including;

  • Design and Consultation
  • Performance Calculations
  • Competitive Pricing v Sheet Metal/Additional Insulation
  • High Quality Fabrication
  • Delivery to Site

Where HVAC ducting requires insulation it’s common practice to apply a mineral based insulation layer post install.  Pre-insulated ducting offers a cost-saving, sustainable, high performance alternative with many benefits;

  • Approximately 80% lighter than insulated sheet metal ducting
  • Up to 3 times faster to install – single fix solution
  • High quality performance R2.0 achieved in 42mm panel – consistent insulation thickness/integrity around ductwork helping further improve performance
  • Space Saving (150-200mm) – ideal for most application including service runs and raised floors
  • Secure and airtight construction – no risk of moisture penetration!

Maximum design pressure, maximum rated pressure and commissioning pressure;

  • Positive: 1000Pa (4 in w.g.)
  • Negative: 750Pa (3 in w.g)

Internal air temperature of -20 degrees centigrade to +80 degrees centigrade during continuous operation


Fire Safety:

  • The Kingspan KoolDuct panel is a Class 0 Material
  • Where air handling ducts from the Kingspan KoolDuct system pass through fire separating elements, the integrity of those elements should be maintained with the use of fire/smoke dampers
  • Complies with Approved Document B – Fire Safety (UK), Technical Handbooks (Scotland and Northern Ireland)

Conversation of Fuel and Power Compliance;

  • Thermal performance in accordance with Domestic Building Service Guide
  • BS5422:2009
  • Air Leakage class in conformance with DW143 Class C and D
  • Approved Document L

Yes, it normally is, the system is always fully sealed along the 4 inside seams, in such a way that it is inherently capable of delivering extremely high levels of air tightness.

The couplings are designed for reduced air leakage.

It can achieve air leakage class C and D to DW/144 (Specification for sheet metal ductwork) and and BS EN 1507: 2006 (Ventilation for buildings. Sheet metal air ducts with rectangular section. Requirements for strength and leakage), (SMACNA leakage class 3).

According to the European Regulations and duct construction standards, each ductwork leakage class sets out the maximum allowed leakage in litres of air per second per square meter of duct surface area. There are four leakage classes, from class A (the less demanding class) to Class D (the most air tight).

Ductwork fabricated from The Kingspan KoolDuct System is fully compatible with virtually all standard ductwork components and plant machinery, which are typically manufactured with either a flanged or spigotted connection. The Kingspan KoolDuct System offers a full range of profiles which enable ductwork fabricated from the System to be coupled to either.

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